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I’m Charlie, the creator and host of The British English Podcast.

After graduating with a BSc in Psychology I decided to combine two of my passions to create a life of happiness to help share it on.

These two passions were to simply help others and to travel.

I’ve been teaching English and travelling the world since 2014 and currently reside in Sydney, Australia.

With the experience I’ve gained I now understand that language learning is a journey. One that should be enjoyed along the way. Making connections with natives of the language you are learning helps your passion for the language to grow.

My aim for this podcast is for you to get to know me on a deeper level to allow me to teach you through context using authentic materials and for you to come away from each Season of The Academy feeling confident in using the new language and cultural references you’ve acquired

The British English Podcast

Learn British English as well as British culture, history, news and current affairs, and much more with weekly episodes from your host Charlie on The British English Podcast!

Your Host and British English teacher Charlie will help you to reach fluency faster by teaching phrasal verbs, common expressions and conversation tips.